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In 1975 the Talleres Felippe Verdés S.A., traditional Spanish company and leader in the equipments fabrication for the ceramic sector since 1908, brings to Brazil hers affiliated company and productive arm at Latin America.

Verdés Brasil The Verdés Brazil appeared to strait the relations with Latin American market, developing solutions in syntony with the particular necessities of this market.

This appointment extends for above 30 years and if consolidates in incessant investments at equipments production  with high technology, specialized technical support, ready assistance and above all in advance world tendencies.

The Brazilian factory has above 65.000 m² and it is located in the city of Itu, São Paulo, holding the most modern Technologic Center of the Latin America, mounted with CNC machines of updated generation, help to develop solutions and endued equipments with for over advanced technology existing in the world market.

The Verdés Brazil is the only industry of the Latin America that is certified by ISO-9001 of international recognition, besides the total warranty of product and efficient services of after sales that, guarantee the promptly assistance and with low set-up time on the equipments.

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Certificado ISO 9001

Verdés is the only industry in this sector that has quality system certified to ISO-9001 nationwide and internationally, resulting in respect and commitment to the customer.

In this continuous process of improvement of the quality management system, the standard requirements help to improve internal processes, the qualification of employees, the verification of the satisfaction of customers, employees and suppliers, plus the monitoring of the work environment.

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